General Rule & Code of Conduct

  1. The Students must deposit full payment at the time of admission. Part payment will not allowed.
  2. No part of fee deposited is refundable except securities.
  3. A students absent or on leave must arrange to pay fee on due date.
  4. The name of the student who does not pay college dues on the given dates will be struck off from the college Roll after 10 days. However, seek re-admission as per college rules provide he/she not fail short of lectures.
  5. College security will be refundable after declaration of University examination result.Securites will laps after the expiry of one year i.e. 31ist March of next year leaving the college. No claim will be entetained therafter.

  1. The Principal shall have powers in all matters pertaining to the admission, detention of students as imposition of fine and re-admission thereof. He is empowered to take disciplinary action and impose penalties provide under the university rules.
  2. A student shall no indulge in any sort of indiscipline inside or outside the college campus. A student found active in undesirable behaviour, may be asked to leave the college immediately.The Principal may at his discretion remove his/her name from College Roll.

Absence Fine Rs.5 /-per period
Rs.20 /-per day
Late Payment of dues Rs.5 /-per day
Absence Fine (House Test) Rs.50 /-per paper
Fine for not returning library books on due date Rs.5 /-per day
Absence Fine (Seminar, Tutorial) Rs.20 /-(Seminar/Tutorials)
Absence Fine (Micro-Teaching) Rs.20 /-Per Skill
Absence Fine (Simulation-Teaching) Rs.50 /-Per Lesson


No leave is admissible to the students during the period of their academic session. The leave will only be sanctioned in emergency after the written request made by the student and duly countersigned by the parents/guardian. If a student remains absent without any information for more than 4 days continuously, his/her name is liable to be struck off from the college roll.

  1. One compulsory House Tests, in addition to the monthly test will be held during the academic Semester.
  2. Absent will be fined Rs. 50/- for every paper and Rs 25/- below 25% marks per paper.
  3. If the Student remains absent himself/herself from House test held in the college for purpose of Internal Assessment of fails in House Tests, the Principal shall have the authority to withhold or withdraw his/her name from the University Examination.
  4. Any Student found guilty of using unfair means during the examination will punished according to the seriousness of the offence .
  5. Any Student found guilty of using unfair means during the University examination will not entitled to get character certificate.
  6. Although progress report embodying the rules of House Examination are forwarded to the parents/guardians by the college office. It is the responsibilty of every student to bring his/her result to the notices of his/her parents/guardian(s)

  1. Every student is allowed to draw three books for a period up to 14 days.
  2. If the students loses library books issued to him, he/she will be required not only to pay full price of the books, but will also be fined per rules.
  3. Reference books will not be issued to anyone.They can only be consulted in the library
  4. Students can avail Library facility daily. However, the books will be issued and returned in the afternoon session.


Dress code in respect of male and female students of B.Ed shall be notified on the college notice board along with specimen of cloth for colour purpose at the time admission. It is compulsory for every student to attend the classes and appear in all exam and Teaching–Practices/Macro-Teaching in Proper uniform.

Identity Card

Every trainee will be issued indent card along with name tag. It is mandatory for each trainee to bear the name tag and keep the card with him/her. Without identity card

Parent’s Teacher Association (PTA)

The College has a Parent’s Association. Every parent/authorized guardian of B.Ed student as per PTA constitution is the member of this association. Rs 400/- is collected at the time of admission.

Discipline and Conduct Liabilty
  1. Observance of the college rule and regulation is compulsory. Ignorance of rules and regulation/orders issued from time to time is no excuse.Trainee are expected to go through the hand book of information and college notice board regularly. Defaulter may invite penalties.
  2. “Since, today’s trainee is tomorrow’s teacher, each trainee is expected to show exemplary conduct, being polite, humble, civilized in his/her behavior".
  3. All academic/administrative powers of the institution vest with Principal of the college and in the committee duly authorized by Principal.
  4. Each trainee is expected to observe strictly the college dress as per specified in dress code.
  5. Each trainee is expected to be present regularly in the college(expect during pre-sanctioned leave). Name will be struck off if a candidate is absenting continuously for four days from days or four days from classes and for three days from the morning assembly. Candidate can seek re-admission after satisfying the Principal for the absenc with proper evidance within four days after the name struck off.
  6. Idle sitting on wayside leading to college, parapets and unauthorized places will constitue an act of indiscipline.
  7. Everyone is expected to live in a responsible manner in the vicinity. Any act bringing a bad name to the college will constitute an act of indiscipline liable for disciplinary action.
  8. No trainee is allowed to roam about in the college corridor, in front of library and administrative block.
  9. No trainee is allowed to paste poster in the college campus/notice board and assembly in the college premises or addressing as authorized assembly college campus.
  10. Each trainee is required to participate in sport activities.
  11. For outsider Campus Prog./Educational tours/Cultural Activities , candidates should seek their parents/guardian’ prior consent.
  12. Attendance in the morning assembly, Sports, Cultural Activities, seasonal work(Library, Campus Beautification, Information and Communication Technology(ICT) & teaching practice is compulsory). Absentees will invite a special fine.
  13. Parents/guardians are expected to keep contact with the Principal of the college to know their ward's progress. Offline Phone No. 01976-265035