Welcome to Government College, Daulatpur

Excellence has always been a target and bedrock of any academic institution. This college despite its humble beginning during its inception in 1972 kept a pragmatic approach. With undaunted determination and perseverance of its incumbents, this college has flourished over the years with single minded devotion of striving for innovation and excellence and reached its pinnacle where it can boast of quality education. The college was accredited with ‘B’ Grade by NAAC team during their visit in year 2013 and thus takes pride in thanking the predecessors for providing the building blocks on which this present edifice of the college stands.

The college is located in Daulatpur Chowk across SH 21 i.e. from Mubarikpur to Talwara. It takes exactly one hour to reach Daulatpur from Una by bus.  It is exactly between Talwara and Mubarikpur..